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I look up to Linda and highly recommend her for pivotal roles in HR. She handles difficult situations with what appears to be great ease, but a lot of hard work underneath. Working with her, I could only appreciate more and more her solid values and experience that she brings to the table in every collaboration. She is a a great leader and her pragmatic and visionary mindset is quite inspiring. Also, truly knows how to work with diverse teams, as she is always inclusive, which speaks volumes. Thank you for helping me grow, Linda!
Teamleader HR Global at SIG Combiblock

Working with Linda and having her as my manager was one of the best experiences in my career. She was able to support our team from day one, with her great experience but also with her open and honest way of leading. She easily understands the essence of any situation/challenge and always helps find creative and long-term solutions. I felt supported, valued and empowered at all times. Any company will greatly benefit from having Linda on board. I certainly hope our paths will cross again!
HR Process & System Expert at SIG Combiblock

I feel lucky to have the opportunity to work with Linda. She is always open to share her know how and coach me. Her extensive knowledge and experience, seasoned with her passion for HR and openness, makes work easier and enjoyable. A person with strong values and principles. Her future team is lucky to have her.
Digital HR PM, Global Transformation at SIG Group

I really enjoyed working with Linda on the short engagement we had together at Trivium for the HR project. Linda took her role seriously and is focused on driving the desired outcome while ensuring all the requirements of they key stakeholders are addressed properly. Linda’s open and human approach to address both technical issues and interpersonal relationship and structure approach is very much appreciated by the team. I would be happy to work with her on other engagements if opportunities presents itself.
Global IT Service Delivery Director at Trivium Packaging

Linda has taken over two very ambitious projects as part of our business transformation. In a complex environment, Linda has created the required visibility and team cohesion to bring these projects forward. Linda has demonstrated excellent leadership capabilities and navigated the team through a challenging environment. I would like to thank Linda for her commitment and leadership and would strongly recommend her for similar roles.
Head of IT PMO at Trivium Packaging

I have worked with Linda now for almost 3 years and she did an incredible job for us. She acted as the team lead for HR operations and managed with clear guidance and support to stabilize and grow the team. Her fresh mindset and her strong delivery capabilities were key for us to implement continuous improvements. Her knowledge in HR Services, HRIT as well as additional tools is a great asset and helped us to overcome many challenges in the past. Many thanks Linda for all your efforts and I can warmly recommend you for other assignments.
Global Head HRIS and Employee Services at Worldline

One of the most memorable team leads I have worked with! As a highly professional, efficient and agile manager Linda has been of great support to us. Even though she wasn’t my direct manager, she is always ready to support wherever she can and is instantly up to date with new topics and ready to come up with the best solutions.
Global HR Reporting & Analytics Specialist at Worldline

Linda and I collaborated remotely as she worked in the Netherlands and I was in the United States. Shortly after she joined the team, she quickly proved to be a valuable asset to the Workday project and team. She is very knowledgeable, not only in Workday, but HR systems and processes in general. I greatly appreciated her determination to fix all the things that went wrong during the implementation stage for North America and the other regions. Open communication and dialogue was her top priority as it was lacking before she joined—she held bi-weekly meetings for all regional SMEs to provide updates and share knowledge. I highly recommend Linda to take on your challenges and successfully lead your team!
Systems, Analytics & Payroll Manager at Inalfa Roof Systems , Inc. - North America

Really enjoyed my time working together with Linda. She has brought structure, knowledge and a great Way of Working and above all a great atmosphere to the team. And she did this as a real People Manager, not only developing the team as a whole to a higher level but also supporting and coaching individuals.
Global Workday SME at Inalfa Roof Systems Group

I have the pleasure to work with Linda at Inalfa Roof Systems Group. Linda and I are both working within the Global HRIT (Workday) team. As from the moment she started working at Inalfa Roof Systems Group, I perceived her as a very social, result-driven and structured person. Besides that, Linda is a real people-manager. She really cares for all team members and makes sure that her team members have the opportunity to grow and develop themselves. Linda is really open-minded and more than willing to share her knowledge and experiences with the whole team. I really appreciate it that I have the opportunity to work with - and to learn from - Linda!
Global Talent Management Specialist at Inalfa Roof Systems Group

As program manager of the Academy I was lucky to work with Linda and her team. In the short time she worked for our company she was able to give structure to the Workday support team. A people manager, open- and broad minded, constructive, structured and result driven. Able to switch between "balcony and dancefloor". If I had the opportunity to work with her in a next opportunity, I would take it with both hands.
Global Program Manager Inalfa Academy at Inalfa Roof Systems Group

I worked with Linda throughout her time at Swarovski in various capacities. I found her to be inquisitive and insightful and a very collaborative working partner. She is very level-headed and solution-oriented and a true joy to work with. What impresses me the most about Linda is her capacity and willingness to take on new and challenging opportunities while managing to make it look so simple. Through perseverance and delegation she manages her time effectively – giving priority where it is needed and assisting in a consulting capacity when others could take on the work. She is an ‘out of the box’ thinker who is open to receiving inputs from others and taking multiple viewpoints into consideration before taking a decision. If I ever have the opportunity to work with Linda again, I will jump at the chance. She would make an excellent mentor for anyone wishing to be a better people manager, be more organized and effective in their ways of working, or to just learn more about managing people processes.
Regional Change and Deployment Manager at Swarovski

Linda was for sure the best manager I ever experienced (both for myself and as an observer for others). She is perfactly able to adopt her leading style to the most efficient level from strong guidance to loose coaching - depending on the current needs of her colleagues. Furthermore she understands complex situations and helps to come to a good solution together, always collaborating at the highest possible level. If needed she also fighted for her team! Linda has very powerful planning skills and following up on tasks is always done in a very subtle, but efficient way. Over all she is an extremly good communicator and excellent networker with valuable contacts all over the world, which often prooved valuable for her team as well. I am happy I had the chance to work in Lindas team and wish her all the best for her future!
Senior IT Business Consultant - HCM at Swarovski

I have had the privilege and the opportunity to work closer together with Linda on two larger projects between 2015 and 2018. The first that comes in to my mind to describe Linda is her open mind and rare wiliness to go all the way, even though that it means facing challenges and hard work.
When I first started working with Linda on integration topics. I was surprised of how fast she build up a trusting relationship. I was very impressed by her way of describing situations clear and also to address problems to the right persons. Even if that would mean to handle argumentations with people of different opinions. Linda always declared the different roles within projects, made responsibilities and expectations very clear.
It is not only a professional pleasure to work together with Linda. She also handles human relationships outstanding. Would a personal unofficial coffee break be needed for encouragement or for motivation, you be sure that Linda comes with that extra energy needed.

As she decided to go back to Holland, that really struck me. Linda is really the person you want on any team in any position. Still hate not to have her on mine or within my organisation. I am sure that Linda will be successful on anything she do as long as she got the necessary backup when decisions are to be made.
Head of Integration Competence Center at Swarovski